African Naturalistas Case Study | Beauty & Hair Industry | Instagram Strategy & Management

The Brand

The Project

  • 2-year campaign
  • 10 hours/week
  • Instagram.


Increase brand awareness of and drive online sales through targeted Instagram campaigns. The strategy involved building and growing an organic community using product photos, user-generated content. influencer marketing, and engagement.

Strategy & Tactics:

  • Development of Content Strategy

  • Community Management Strategy

  • Aggressive Follower Strategy

  • Development of Influencer Marketing Program

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Creation of Social Media Engagement Campaigns

  • Engagement Strategy Utilizing Relevant Industry Hashtags

The Results

  • Grew community to 12.3k+ followers from 22.5k followers.

  • Increased engagement by 10%.

  • Increased sales by 15%







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