The Hair Center | Hair & Beauty Industry | Instagram Consulting Strategy

The Brand:


Moyo of The Hair Center Salon & Wig Shop reached out to me because she needed help giving her brand’s Instagram account a direction. Rather than managing her account for her, I helped her create a social media strategy to maximize her efforts to achieve her overall goal for her business.

Strategy & Tactics:

Through my audit, I evaluated The Hair Center’s Instagram account to be able to identify what she’s currently doing that is working and what can be improved upon. She already had such a great start that my main priority was to help her tie up the loose ends as well as polishing up a few of her current strategies with detailed tips and training to maximize her account. Here’s a look at some of the topics I covered in her audit and overall strategy I created for Moyo:

  • Creating content calendars and categories with suggested topics

  • Posting frequency

  • Instagram networking strategy and techniques

  • Hashtag suggestions

  • Instagram best practices and strategies for success

  • Instagram checklist of what to do daily, weekly, and monthly

  • Instagram analytics evaluation

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