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The Brand:


Tomi of The Cuddle Blog reached out to me because she wanted to drive traffic to her blog and increase engagement on her Instagram page. She also needs advice on how to create products and monetize her account with a small community.
Rather than managing her account for her, I helped her create a blog and Instagram strategy to maximize her efforts to achieve her overall goal of turning her hobby to a business.

Strategy & Tactics:

Through my audit, I evaluated The Cuddle Blog‘s Instagram account to be able to identify what she’s currently doing that is working and what can be improved upon. She already had such a great start that my main priority was to help her revamp her content calendar to include more engaging content as well as polish up a few of her current strategies with detailed tips to maximize her account. Here’s a look at some of the topics I covered in her audit and overall strategy I created for Tomi:

  • Updating content calendar and categories with suggested topics

  • Posting frequency

  • Influencer marketing strategy

  • Hashtag suggestions

  • Instagram best practices and strategies for success

  • Instagram checklist of what to do daily, weekly, and monthly

  • Instagram analytics evaluation

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