Social Media Marketing On A Budget? These Five Tips Should Help

It is 2019 and one of the easiest ways to market a business is through social media. In recent times, social media has evolved to adequately serve brands and businesses regardless of their size. From the biggest brands in the world to the week-old side hustles in a town in Calabar. The possibilities that social media has availed to us are endless.

The Reality Of Social Media Marketing In 2019

Now, as amazing as all of these new opportunities that social media has given us are, we should bear in mind that these platforms are constantly evolving. Just a few years ago, it was as easy as posting a product on your Facebook page, profile or group for sale and just sitting back and waiting for the enquires and/or orders as the case may be, to roll in. These days, it isn’t as simple as that. Now we have to contend with other factors such as the algorithms as well the level of saturation of these platforms.

But that shouldn’t discourage you from bringing your brand new business on social media. Instead, it should challenge you to approach things differently. Yes, you have been using Facebook for about five to ten years now to share your experiences with your family and friends. At the back of your mind, you might think you know how it works but believe me social media for business is an entire ballgame on its own that requires some level of mastery in order to be successful.

At this stage, it is advisable to get a solid consultation from a social media specialist so that you don’t waste so much time and effort trying to figure things out. As I mentioned earlier, these platforms evolve daily and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up.

Social Media Marketing On A Budget? These Five Tips Should Help
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Be that as it may, here are five social media marketing tips that should help you especially if you’re on a budget;

Choose Your Social Media Platform Wisely

There are so many social media platforms out there that have business capabilities but the biggest mistake you can make is spreading yourself thin and joining every one that catches your fancy. Depending on the nature of your business, each works differently. So your chances of success would be higher if you use LinkedIn as opposed to Instagram, for instance. So, you need to pick one platform and stick to it. Over time, as your business grows, you can decide to expand but in the early stages, especially if you have a limited budget, make sure you’re active on one platform at least.

Pro Tip: Secure all your handles in all the major platforms early enough.

Invest In Great Visuals

The beauty of social media is that it allows you to explore your creative side. Social media is predominantly visual by nature. This means that at every point in time, you need to think about the quality of your visuals and how they can stand out and appeal to your target audience. So, go the extra mile. Take catchy photos. Shoot great product tutorials and watch social media do its magic.

Pro Tip: Take your photos in bulk. These ensure that you have enough content to sustain you for a while.

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Set A Regular Social Advertising Budget

Gone are the days when social media marketing was literally ‘free’. We didn’t need to spend any extra money on paid social as most if not all of our organic efforts were fruitful. Well, I hate to break it to you but those days are long gone. So the earlier you respond to the current demands of these platforms, the better you can get over it and take action. Setting a regular advertising budget for social media is one of the best things you can do for your business in 2019. There’s already a lot to contend with, don’t make it worse by skipping on advertising. As great as your organic efforts are, you can speed things up with advertising.

Pro Tip: Start small and move up from there.

Embrace collaborations

Remember what I said about approaching things differently? One of the things you need to actively do in 2019 is collaborating. It can be with a macro or nano influencer or just a brand whose values aligns with yours. If you have been stuck for a while and haven’t been seeing that much results in your social media efforts, collaboration might be the missing link. Paired with paid social, the right collaborations have the capacity to take your brand to levels you can’t even imagine.

Pro Tip: Work towards regular collaborations. Find a schedule (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually) that works for you and stick to it.

Be Consistent

At the end of the day, consistency is the name of the game. You can have the best visuals or collaborate with the best brands but if you are not consistent, those results you thought you got would be short-lived. Now, consistency can mean different things to different people. Just make sure you find your rhythm and stick to it.

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